Auto-Lend has arrived! How to get the most out of P2P lending by using Automated Lending

Auto-Lend is a brand new product by Lending Loop that allows Lenders to automatically invest in loans as soon as they become available on the Marketplace. Auto-Lend automatically invests a Lender’s money in loans that meet their pre-selected criteria.

The motivation behind building Auto-Lend was to help Lenders get the most out of Lending Loop’s platform and to create a more efficient marketplace for lenders and borrowers. To meaningfully gain from P2P lending requires building a well-diversified portfolio. Auto-Lend allows any lender to do that with the click of a button. Diversified portfolios drastically reduce the impact of defaults since risk is spread over a greater number of loans with different terms and risk bands.

In the spirit of Lending Loop’s commitment to making attractive returns accessible to everyone, there is no additional charge to enable Auto-Lend. According to Brandon Vlaar, co-founder and CTO of Lending Loop, “At Lending Loop, we set out to create a more efficient way to connect lenders and borrowers than traditional banks. Auto-Lend brings us one step closer to that goal by allowing Canadians to automatically invest their savings in loans”

Getting Started with Auto-Lend

If you already have a Lending Loop account, simply log in and click “Auto-Lend” on the left-hand sidebar (if you don’t have an account you can create one here). Start by setting your Commitment Per Loan, (this is limited to 2% of your annual planned investment):


Next, you select a Risk Plan. The Lower Risk plan purchases notes graded A+ to B, while Higher Risk plans will purchase notes graded from C+ to E. You can also set Auto-Lend to lend to all loans, or create your own custom plan and target specifically graded loans.


After this, you simply click Enable Auto-Lend and your strategy is activated – it’s that easy!

Enabling Recurring Deposits With Auto-Deposit

We also recommend that when you turn Auto-Lend on you also turn on recurring deposits so that you don’t run out of funds for Auto-Lend to invest.

In your Lending Loop account, start by clicking “Add Funds” on the left-hand sidebar in your Dashboard. From here, select the deposit you would like to make and the frequency you would like to make it with. For example, if you select a monthly frequency and a start date of August 15th, then Lending Loop will top-up your account with the desired amount on the 15th of every month going forward.RDD-2Once you’ve enabled recurring deposits, the following message will be displayed whenever you visit the “Add Funds” section:

RDD box

If you have any questions, you can visit the Auto-Lend FAQ Section. And if you want to get in on Auto-lend but don’t have a Lending Loop account yet, you can sign-up for free today.

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