As a business owner, your time quickly becomes your most valuable resource in growing your business.  Sometimes you may have too much on your plate, or experience a lack of direction that can inhibit your productivity and result in mental burnout.

Here are five tips to optimize your time and enhance your productivity:

      1. Identify your priorities: As the owner of your business, you should use a ranking system to determine the most important tasks in the short, medium, and long-term. Knowing what is important is key to accomplishing the tasks that have tight deadlines or high importance, and delegating the tasks that are eating up your time.
      1. Employ a great team: Jim Collin’s “first who” theory revolutionized management thinking when he proclaimed that finding a high quality and motivated team is of primary importance in determining where a business is headed. This allows you to spend less time monitoring and re-training and will allow you to develop a corporate culture of vision and productivity.
      1. Delegate frequently: This requires high-quality employees (as mentioned in the previous tip) who are well-trained and can be trusted to operate efficiently without your supervision. This way, you can delegate lower-priority tasks to your team of employees, and your focus on more high-impact tasks. Furthermore, delegating adds flexibility to your schedule, which is key for handling any unexpected changes.
      1. Develop a schedule, and stick to it: There are various easy-to-use apps to aid in scheduling. Anticipate day to day changes, but don’t be afraid to say no. Trying to make time for everyone’s requests will only leave you mentally burnt out, behind schedule, and giving less than 100% mental effort to each daily task.
    1. Think Big: Often, when getting caught up in daily routines, business owners lose sight of the vision, long-term goals, and passion they have for their businesses. It is important to often revisit your company’s long-term goals, and remind your team what the vision of your firm is. This enhances your passion and re-focuses your efforts on areas that are key for your business to grow. You should be able to identify a majority of your daily tasks and ask yourself if what you are doing is enhancing your goals, and if not – adjust. As an owner, you are the strategic visionary of the firm, and your activities should reflect this.

Running a business is no easy task – and managing your time can be hard. However, by following these steps you can realign yourself with your goals, and stick to what you’ve set out to accomplish.

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