24 September 2018

What is Credit Card Utilization?

There are many factors that influence your credit score, all of which can negatively impact your ability to attain fair and affordable financing. While your payment record may be stellar, your credit card utilization is weighted at approximately 30% when calculating your credit score and can be lowering your score substantially – even with no […]

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21 September 2018

5 Steps to Improve Your Credit Score

Turned away from a loan or mortgage application because of your credit score? Weak credit scores are not only a major barrier to receiving financing from a bank or alternative lender, they also negatively impact your ability to attain the best rate possible. Improving your credit score is a slow but sure process – like fixing up an old […]

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14 August 2018

Debt Financing: Term Loan vs Line of Credit – What are the Differences?

There are several good reasons for why debt financing is a strong option for your business, as it can be a contributor towards the growth of your business,  enabling you to take on new and exciting projects. However, not all debt is the same, and it is important to determine whether a line of credit […]

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13 August 2018

Credit Score Types and Business Loans

A credit score is of key importance in a variety of your financial affairs – including attaining a new loan to grow your business. Borrowers who have checked their credit score online may be disappointed to learn this score can be inaccurate, and affect their ability to attain new financing. This is due to differences […]

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